Live End Dream No
curated by Eva Fabbris

Renate Bertlmann (1943)
Annatina Caprez (1981)
& Andrea Romano  (1984)
Michael Dean (1977)
Anna Franceschini (1979)
Diego Marcon (1985)
Kazuko Miyamoto (1942)

Curated by_Vienna 2017


Kazuko Miyamoto, Stunt (181 Chrystie Street, 1981), 1982, 150 x 97 cm, Courtesy Artist and Exile Gallery


Live End Dream No

OK. Thumb and forefinger in a circle, the other three fingers up. It works, always. In a book titled “Supplement to the Italian Dictionary”, published in 1963, Bruno Munari collected, photographed and explained the most common gestures in the repertoire of non-verbal communication. The gesture, any gesture, plays its expressive, urgent role undauntedly. In the 1970ies, for example, gestures accompanied many performances, particularly of female artists, who wanted and did use the body to tell themselves. This exhibition says that gestures are a language capable of embracing the cultural dimension with the body, charged with evocative power whose physical and imaginative strength is just that of dream. Eva Fabbris, 2017

Die Ausstellung findet im Rahmen von curated by_vienna: „image/reads/text. Sprache in der zeitgenössischen Kunst“ statt. 2017 sind 21 Wiener Galerien am Projekt beteiligt. In Zusammenarbeit mit internationalen Kuratorinnen und Kuratoren konzipieren sie Ausstellungen, die unterschiedliche Perspektiven auf das Thema eröffnen. curated by_vienna wird von der Wirtschaftsagentur Wien mit ihrem Kreativzentrum departure gefördert und organisiert, um die Bedeutung Wiens als Galerienstandort zu unterstreichen.

The exhibition takes place in the context of curated by_vienna: “image/reads/text. Language in Contemporary Art”. In 2017, 21 Vienna galleries are involved in the project. In cooperation with international curators, the galleries conceptualise exhibitions opening up various perspectives on the topic. curated by_vienna is funded and organised by the Vienna Business Agency with its creative center departure with the objective of emphasising Vienna’s significance as a gallery location.