> 2020 ARCADIA ALL OVER, curated by Susanne Rohringer
> 2020 LIAISON Renate Bertlmann / Olga Georgieva / Matthias Herrmann / Tony Oursler / Carol Rama
2020 Clemens Wolf Can Touch This

> CRISS CROSS / Sebastien de Ganay / Raffaella della Olga
> Curated by Jürgen Tabor / Gil Yefman, Kibbutz Buchenwald
Gerold Tusch / appassionato-dolce-con spirito
> Gudrun Kampl / Schwarzes Gold
> Literal / Robert Barry, Julius Deutschbauer, Monika Piorkowska, Jana Sterbak, Peter Weibel, Lawrence Weiner

> Matthias Herrmann Textpieces 96-98
Konkret Frau / Curated by Gerald Matt
> Masken
Tomasz Kulka / Das Ding
> Natalia LL

> Renate Bertlmann
#It´s You too / Renate Bertlmann
> Anouk Lamm Anouk / I miss the place where I am from
> EASE / Robert Barry / Günther Förg / Tony Oursler / Keith Sonnier
> Artissima / VIVACE with Renate Bertlmann, Natalia LL and Jana Sterbak
> Curated by Eva Fabbris / LIVE END DREAM NO
> everybody anybody / group show
> liquid democracy / Monika Piorkowska, Curated by Angela Stief
> KeramiK Curated by Dietgard Grimmer with Jessica Lajard Barbara Reisinger Jeanne Susplugas Elmar Trenkwalder Gerold Tusch

> Sébastien de Ganay / Non Places
> Clemens Wolf / Grounded
> Curated by / Michel Blancsubé / I´ve decided to be happy because it´s good for one´s health / Jana Sterbak
> Olga Georgieva / Looking for score
> Gudrun Kampl / Ornament oder Verbrechen
> Dieter Roth / aus einer Sammlung Exil, Selbstbildnis, Speedy-Drawing, Taschenzimmer
> VIVACE / Renate Bertlmann, Gloria Friedmann, Natalia LL, Jana Sterbak



Galerie Steinek @ Artissima 2017

Dark Blue Hall
Booth #12


with works by


VIVACE is the title of a group exhibition we curated in the galerie two years ago and it´s again the title of this dialogo a tre or conversation between Renate Bertlmann, Natalia LL and Jana Sterbak.
All the presented artworks explore the fields of identity, body, behaviour and the question of finiteness. However, those 3 artistic practices in presence are strongly differenciated by their very consequent way to discuss and make visible their own and our obsessions. Renate Bertlmann, Natalia LL and Jana Sterbak take us on their phantasmagoric journey, caring for our fears and desires.

The title of this conversation VIVACE refers, on the one hand, to the musical tempo, vivace, which in this context means alive or lively, on the other hand to the french term „plante vivace“, plants which are also able to survive under adverse conditions.


VIVACE on Artissima 2017, works by Jana Sterbak (left) and Natalia LL (right _ in cooperation with lokal_30)

VIVACE on Artissima 2017,work by Renate Bertlmann


VIVACE on Artissima 2017,works by Renate Bertlmann (left) and Jana Sterbak (right)

VIVACE on Artissima 2017, works by Natalia LL (in cooperation with lokal_30)

VIVACE on Artissima 2017, works by Renate Bertlmann, Jana Sterbak and Natalia LL